2nd July - All Blacks - 2nd Test - Wellington

Land of Hope and Glory, well after that performance the Lions have little hope of winning the remaining games and there's no glory in the performance at Wellington, although we did have 10 minutes of enjoyment at the start of the first half.

Those celebrities were again happy to muscle in on our website, although the Prince William photo was an accident, was waiting to take a picture of Jona Lomu and he just got in the way.

Stu Wilson Mike King (asleep) Prince William

Great to see Woodward being boo'ed off the park on Saturday, now maybe just maybe he'll pick the right team for the final test.  If anyone reading this was sitting in Aisle 17, Row GG, Seat 129, give me back my sunglasses. I dropped them unknowingly, but after scanning thru my photos of the game, it appears you are wearing them.  You know who you are and thanks to photographic evidence, I now know who you are..


Click on image for bigger picture - be warned large files, so broadband recomended. 

Lions at Airport! Herbal Tea Popping Drugs
Boys plus Sister Family Photo 1st Fight of the night
Texting the diary How's this camera work Beer anyone?
Annoying Locals Annoying Locals Bar!
Harvey Wallbangers Hinckley Boys Boys!
The Lads! Hospitality Tent Fed up with Woodwards selection
More Wallbangers Hospitality Lady Tattoo!
Blackout! Blackout! Sea of Red
Sea of Red Sea of Red Sea of Red
Sea of Red Sea of Red Al Blacks
Sea of Red Sea of Red Hinckley Girls!
Fireworks Lions on field All Blacks come out
Anthem The HAKA The Match!
The Match! The Match! One guy never made it!

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the weekend, seems the Kiwi's have got hold of the phone number).
  • 29-Jun 14:24 Wat ve fuk is robinson doin in ve team  
  • 29-Jun 14:36 Bench=  BYRNE, ROWNTREE, CORRY, Martyn WILLIAMS, DAWSON, Stephen JONES HORGAN - whe re's the big boy?  Not impressed with Bench Whatsoever
  • 29-Jun 14:39 Its better but its still not right. Woodward proved he knows jack shit.  
  • 29-Jun 14:44 6 Welsh, 6 English, 3 Irish and not a sweaty in sight (not even the bench)  
  • 29-Jun 18:58 Woodwood still aint got it rite  
  • 30-Jun 15:39 Ive just walked passed feeling a bit dry see you soon  
  • 30-Jun 20:13 Playin MADNESS....On me own  
  • 30-Jun 21:38 In taupo  
  • 30-JUn 21:40 ...????... tucks into beer, will be a while before he finishes
  • 30-Jun 21:43 I bet he's stacking them again!  
  • 01-Jul 07:30 On boat ..just arrived back from queenstown..where r u?  
  • 01-Jul 08:24 We r moored there..will tex u later to find out where u r..???... might come too
  • 01-Jul 08:44 Should do its big enough!
  • 01-Jul 09:10 Crap nites sleep on a lumpy mattress in a layby on desert rd...Fuck it were cold... .Coughin shit up ...Avin me drugs now :)
  • 01-Jul 11:46 Typical.He'll be complaining of heartburn next.Hope you've got plenty of gaviscon
  • 01-Jul 11:50 Where r u? Coming over in 30 mins!  
  • 01-Jul 13:16 In rain! Where u?  
  • 01-Jul 14:43 Too loud! Stuck in small bar..off a side st!god knows where!not going to dock side t il later!
  • 01-Jul 14:59 Hope u got there ok  
  • 01-Jul 15:28 In Mollys  
  • 01-Jul 15:45 It is fecken cold up here!  Whats it like down there?  
  • 01-Jul 16:29 Wheres ...?????..  
  • 01-Jul 16:32 Upstairs from mollys in ve dubliner  
  • 01-Jul 16:42 Where u?  
  • 01-Jul 18:32 Flights delayed!  Need beer now!  
  • 01-Jul 19:10 Donald just been in with his 1st rodent  
  • 01-Jul 19:16 Nice line ...?????.. "ive got a double bed"...Wen did u stop sleepin wiv ur mam  
  • 01-Jul 19:27 I feel like im at a weddgn...Lets get otta ere  
  • 01-Jul 19:59 Have landed,  need beer!  
  • 01-Jul 20:38 Eta. 10mins.  I really need a beer!  
  • 01-Jul 21:18 Everyone in this town talks funny  
  • 01-Jul 21:19 Woodward just walked into Shed 5 with face lower than a snakes belly
  • 01-Jul 22:39 Still trying to find a base... Were in The Courtney Arms  
  • 02-Jul 10:07 Gone a bit quiet lads!  
  • 02-Jul 10:44 Arrgghh it is morning and i need pain killers!  
  • 02-Jul 12:47 Where is everyone?  
  • 02-Jul 14:33 Where r the boys on tour?  
  • 02-Jul 14:48 Where r u?  
  • 02-Jul 15:59 Go the AB's  
  • 02-Jul 16:23 Allll bllllaaaacccckkklss  
  • 02-Jul 16:24 So where u out afta?  
  • 02-Jul 17:03 Helen gives good pies!  
  • 02-Jul 18:35 Got ur tissues handy?  
  • 02-Jul 19:02 History is about to be made!  
  • 02-Jul 19:31 Umaga try!  
  • 02-Jul 19:36 ...???... says ...???... who by the way go black  
  • 02-Jul 20:12 ...???... is alive cant find his seat but having a good time by the way go black x 
  • 02-Jul 20:17 Hi boys checked out your website! Bet your not feeling quite so cocky now.  
  • 02-Jul 20:37 Why is it you can sue McDonalds if you get fat, sue Marlboro if you get cancer, but you can't sue Smirnoff for all the ugly people you fuck?!
  • 02-Jul 20:51 Sorry bud.T hey did there best but still r pussies. Time 2 convert 2 being a k iwi an d an all black.
  • 02-Jul 21:00 We won we won you lose you lose  
  • 02-Jul 21:01 Go the ABs  
  • 02-Jul 23:49 Where you now?  
  • 03-Jul 06:12 Pussy. Just pulled in with ..????.. You & ..????.. v disappointing. Soft. Very very soft.
  • 03-Jul 09:29 Just tucking into first bottle of wine for the day
  • 03-Jul 09:46 Not sure will let u no just on my way out there now  
  • 03-Jul 09:48 Waiting downstairs  
  • 03-Jul 10:02 Looks a bit milky  
  • 03-Jul 12:28 You're not even in it Cinderella, and nors your boyfriend ..?????..  
  • 03-Jul 14:04 U wood not believe wats just walked into ve sports cafe...Amazin gothic she HE wiv a vagrant george best lookielikey
  • 03-Jul 14:08 Ve bouncer has kicked em out  
  • 03-Jul 14:07 All we got here is that Graham Henry geezer, just congratulated him...  
  • 03-Jul 14:09 Whos he  
  • 03-Jul 14:10 Welsh guys, taught the Welsh how to lose.
  • 03-Jul 14:12 Wat at...Cricket?  
  • 03-Jul 20:50 Only 700 km 2 go  
  • 04-Jul 07:21 Photo on back page of NZ Herald section 1....  ...????... makes the news!  
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