28th June - Manawatu

Very subdued atomosphere at The Kingslander, not much red.  Expectations were high for a hundred point thrasing and six tries to Shane Williams, but we were let down on the last point.  Can take absolutely nothing from this game except to further prove that Clive Woodward got the selection wrong for the first test, although it proved to be an excellent training session for the boys.

Steve Walsh proved yet again what a tosser he is, but fortunately Lyndon Bray sent him back to the touch line.
Lost a tourist who felt too poorly to get out of bed (easy enough to work out who's not in the photos) as he was still recovering from losing a series of games of spoof in the Koru Lounge at Christchurch airport.
Taking a token Kiwi to Wellington, he's never seen the All Black's win outside of Auckland when he's been in the stadium and we need all the luck we can get at the moment.


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The Kingslander! Bad Taste Kiwi Act! Wanker O'Gara
He only played 70 mins The Game Too fast for camera
Hundred Up! Final Score Little Welsh Hero

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the evening).

  • 16:29 Hi.  Don't suppose you know if ..?????.. is coming out to play with the boys this evening, he's switched his phone off and I can't get in touch
  • 16:45 Excuse me ..?????.. please could i borrow ve kiwi flag 4 2night :) :)
  • 16:47 Why don't you come along with a Welsh flag out of respect for your boyfriend
  • 16:48 Wot respect
  • 16:49 It's wot man and woman have for each other, he's a man, you a woman (or we hope you are), therefore respect must exist - simple!
  • 16:53 Theres no respect in competition, u no it will make me happy and that should b enough
  • 16:55 Sharings caring :)
  • 16:56 Wat shirt u wearin...I fort id wear me lions 1
  • 16:57 Tried me olde AB's top I bought whilst backpacking 15 years ago and fortuntely it does not fit, so Lions top it sis
  • 17:00 But vat dont fit either
  • 17:02 Nice 2 c woodwood admit hed picked ve wrong team...Bit suprised he fort he shouldve included catt duckam carling andrew + moore vo
  • 17:03 Rumours are that Billy Beaumont is going to be on the bench for Saturdays test and Sir Clive is going to fill in at No.13
  • 17:04 Ive heard vat wiv dodge..Apparently vey r sendin 4 chilcott...
  • 17:10 NEWS FLASH: Sir clive who retired from rugby at ve end of ve 1st world war is gonna b starting at scrum half on saturday. He states "although ive never
  • 17:12 " played in vat position in my life, i will b takin ve place of an in form welsh player"
  • 18:09 Tucking into first Lager...
  • 18:11 My kidneys throb just thinking about it.
  • 18:11 R u vere yet
  • 18:12 Yes
  • 18:15 C u in a bit...I wont give u a lift ven
  • 18:38 Are we at the kingslander tonight?
  • 18:39 Yes
  • 19:11 Wat ve fuck is smith doin on vn tour
  • 19:14 We won 1 a lineout
  • 19:15 Give it ve welsh guy
  • 19:16 Trrry WALES
  • 19:29 The Lions show up to play Manawatu to show the NZ heartland how to play rugby.... Will the home team score a try?
  • 19:30 NO
  • 19:36 Trrry WALES
  • 19:50 Trrry WALES
  • 20:09 Shane williams wont get another game on tour...Wat is he finkin scorin 5 tries
  • 21:00 Atomosphere too black, retreating back to base
Quote: Eagles may soar high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.