25th June - All Blacks - 1st Test - Christchurch

Got a few pre/postmatch interviews.  Graham Henry's quote was worth of a Tui competition entry, quote "My jobs safe even if we lose the series", yeh right.  Good job Todd Blackadder was not playing as pre match he proclaimed to be 10 times better than Ali Williams (sensed a bit of bitterness there) and Dougie Howlett was happy he proved the critics wrong after putting in a stirling performance when we met up with him the morning after the test.

Graham Henry Dougie Howlett Todd Blackadder

Well deserved win to the All Blacks, the mood in town was somewhat quiet on the Saturday night, we'd like to think due to the weather (it was probably warmer on Shackletons boat all those years ago), but it's not the first time Graham Henry won the first in a Lions series, remember what happened in Australia four years ago.  It was good to see so many rugby celebrities out in town, capped off with a chat with old Murray Mexted before retiring to bed.  There was a 3 hour timeout, whilst we returned to the hotel, placed all uniforms in tumble dryers and defrosted, sat back with food/wine from room service and watched the Australia 'vs' Italy game.  Normal tour duties resumed at midnight, with drinking until the very early hours down the strip in Christchurch.

The mood amongst "The Boys" was somewhat fragile after a lost cellphone episode, with an internal fight almost breaking when one was the recipient of a practical joke that went on just a little bit too long.  After a walk around the block to calm down, stop shaking and decide who to blame, normal drinking was resumed and friendships survived.

"He Says" versus "She Says"

This photo was taken on the Saturday morning, as we stormed one of the gentlemans hotel room.  When questioned as to what occurred the previous night we were filled in with stories of a 3 hours marathon romping session.  When the "lady" (we mean that in the only way possible to describe a person who gets into bed with someone after knowing them for less than 24hrs) in question was asked for her story, it turns out that it was 3 hours of talking, no sex and they are just good friends.  She kept all her clothes on and got into the bed purely for a comfort cuddle.


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Koru Lounge Suicide Curry Eating Blackout in Nite Clubs
Few token Lions! End of the night! Pub!
Pub! Settle down soccer boy! Annoying Locals
Annoying Locals Pub Belly Shot!
Finer points of rugby This guy knows shit! Round 1
Founder Members! Founder Members! Paint comes out
Novel Design! More Paint He's got a Maori Wife
The Boys Someone started smoking! Sea of Red
Sea of Red Sea of Red Sea of Red
Sea of Red Sea of Red Sea of Red
Sea of Red Sea of Red Sea of Red
Sea of Red Lions on fields All Blacks come out
All Blacks come out All Blacks come out The HAKA
All too much! Friends Reunited Sea of Black - Wot No Lions

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the weekend, seems the Kiwi's have got hold of the phone number).
  • 24-Jun 08:41 In wellington..Wears ve game...+ dont forget ve tickets
  • 24-Jun 08:45 Lovely day 4 it. Lager anyone?
  • 24-Jun 08:45 Tucking into first lager already..
  • 24-Jun 08:48 Good lads
  • 24-Jun 08:56 England getting mullered in the cricket. Bad omen.
  • 24-Jun 10:08 Shit its cold ere
  • 24-Jun 10:32 ETA 13mins
  • 24-Jun 10:41 Call me wen u get in...
  • 24-Jun 11:32 Wats ve prize...Yeh fort so
  • 24-Jun 11:34 Flag through security, tucking into rather large vodka. Its going to be a long day.
  • 24-Jun 12:06 ..?????..U owe me $10 4 ve taxi 2 me apartment
  • 24-Jun 12:28 On ve guiness...Aaah first meal of ve day
  • 24-Jun 13:12 Uve sold a ticket 2 a porker
  • 24-Jun 14:30 We is drinkin in town...Ive left unit open..Do u need details
  • 24-Jun 15:25 Wear u at
  • 24-Jun 15:26 In a bar!
  • 24-Jun 17:19 Y y y deligha
  • 24-Jun 18:38 U in d bog?
  • 24-Jun 18:39 No in a bar! 
  • 24-Jun 23:06 Where will u b in the nxt 40 mins?
  • 24-Jun 23:10 In a bar! 
  • 24-Jun 23:48 Which bar knob?
  • 24-Jun 23:49 One that sells drinks (Loaded Hog) 
  • 25-Jun 00:22 Fucking hell u cant dance!
  • 25-Jun 02:35 2 flags down. Again.
  • 25-Jun 11:55 Allllllll Blaaaaacccccckkkkkksssssss!
  • 25-Jun 12:15 Wear r u
  • 25-Jun 12:16 In a bar!
  • 25-Jun 13:01 The Lions face up to their second real challenge of the tour and prepare to be on the wrong side of a good old fashioned beating......
  • 25-Jun 15:55 Wear r u
  • 25-Jun 15:56 In a bar! What part of "In a bar" don't you understand?
  • 25-Jun 17:08 Not quite got there yet
  • 25-Jun 17:37 Pretty gutted that i can't be there in chch, however been in vited to hot chicks place to watch it. Beer, rugby, and sex....... Heaven!
  • 25-Jun 17:39 Enjoy the game talk 2 u later xx
  • 25-Jun 17:48 The lions have never won a test in chch! What makes you thi nk tonight is different?
  • 25-Jun 18:41 On no, hot chick not has not got sky!
  • 25-Jun 19:01 Tv3 says there is a wind chill of -3 degrees. Nice and warm here with hot chick!
  • 25-Jun 20:18 Go black
  • 25-Jun 20:19 Poor lil lions gettin a thrashing from ve all blacks :) 22 t o NIl hahahaha
  • 25-Jun 20:57 21 to 3 poor lil brits :)
  • 25-Jun 21:07 3 nill, 3 nill, 3 nill
  • 25-Jun 21:11 6 nill, 6 nill, 6nill
  • 25-Jun 22:07 21 nill, 21 nill
  • 25-Jun 22:45 Meow!
  • 25-Jun 22:51 The Lions show that they are pussies and the AB's go one up. ............
    25-Jun 23:44 Just accept it and stop cryin...ve lions LOST and ve ALL BLA CKS WON :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • 26-Jun 00:06 And the Lions show the strongest colour of thier emblem..... .  YELLOW...... ONE NIL to the AB's
  • 26-Jun 02:15 Just witnessed great punch up in bar between 2 locals
  • 26-Jun 02:30 Are you in a bar?
  • 26-Jun 02:36 YES!
  • 26-Jun 03:30 Lost ...????..., time to consider going home..
  • 26-Jun 10:15 First drink of the day, champage?  I think not, the cheap Lindeaur NZ version will do...
  • 26-Jun 12:44 Where are the Lions supporters when you want to discuss the finer points of last nights game? Noones answering thier phone!
  • 26-Jun 13:15 Im in nelson...
  • 26-Jun 13:52 Cessna plane to curry breath..went back to ship last pm..wet n uninspired by woodwards team..n went in plane this am..n piloted it myself! Excellent! Where u now?
  • 26-Jun 13:55 In a bar for the upteenth time!
  • 26-Jun 14:02 Oh! Never mind! Tex me before nxt test! ..safe flight!..n ea t mints nxt time! Ha ha ha! Rhino breath!
  • 26-Jun 15:30 Team falls asleep on plane... until Tuesday...
Quote: If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven't understood the seriousness of the situation.