18th June - Otago

With Sir Clive resting his A-list players ahead of the first Test against the All Blacks next Saturday, the second string side still managed to rule supreme.  Being the great rugby critics that we are, we awarded Wales back-rower Ryan Jones the Man of the Match award.
Nevertheless another great evening down at the Kingslander in Kingsland, didn't fancy the cold journey to Dunedin and still taunted by the bad memories of England losing there last year (as well of the Dunedin lasses stripping and using our flags as boob tubes).  Celebrities are now joining the website, Leigh Hart aka "That Guy" from Sports Cafe and Moon TV ( for you UK guys check out his site http://www.moontv.co.nz/ ) one of the funniest guys on NZ television and that's only cause we are not on TV yet!
For this match we took the opportunity to bring along our wives so they could savour the atmosphere, but they left less than happy with the pure magnetism a union jack and/or welsh flag has on the opposite sex.
The Kingslander was packed, words getting around about this being the best sports bar, so recommend getting there early, otherwise you will be queuing outside.  Not as much red in the crowd as the pictures below show, but the victory is sweeter when it can be shared with so many of the opposition.  Remember Kiwis are not the noblest of losers.  Otago captain Craig Newby has even been quoted as saying "The Lions cheated like buggery, but got away with it, so good luck to them"; ouch eh?


Click on image for bigger picture - be warned large files, so broadband recomended.
Set-Up Flag! Half Time Score Wife 1
Wife 2 That Guy Victory Cheer
Lions 4 - NZ 1 Text Results to UK Lost Soul
Spot ..?????.. Nose Rubs Best of Friends
Annoying Locals Annoying Locals Shoes
Heads Flag Time Flag Magnetism
Flag Magnetism Proud Welshman Wives

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the day).

  • 09:37 Chinese man rings his boss. Me no work i sick. Boss says when i'm sick i fuck my wife, try that? 2hrs later chinese man rings back, me beta, u got nice house
  • 10:35 Ave a gd game ..?????..
  • 11:45 Not quite midday. Have shakes. Need alcohol. Is that bad?
  • 15:54 The Lions head to the south for another hammering by Otago...  when will they learn?
  • 16:54 I don't think so, the lions set for yet another victory, soon to be 4-1 (clean sweep of south island teams)
  • 19:10 Outside pub in queue, need update of score
  • 19:17 3 0 drop goal 2 interbreds
  • 19:18 Where r u o large one. Pub full of kiwi... Need back up 
  • 19:18 why is hodgson playin
  • 19:19 Drinkin radlers
  • 19:21 Standin behind tallest man in world...Shame he aint got a hat on
  • 19:27 Borin borin otago
  • 19:31 The Otago forwards show the Lions how a rolling maul is really done
  • 20:14 You can stick otago up your arse...
  • 20:30 Scottish Players taken off the pitch, Lions have a very good chance of winning now.
  • 20:40 Lions give Otago a lifeline, they bring O'Gara on to miss more kicks and play crap
  • 21:10 Another great perforwance by ve welsh
  • 21:11 My man of the match was Steve Walsh for not being there and ruining the game
  • 21:13 Eleven points is quite pathetic against a provincial side by a world class side like the Lions
  • 21:15 Kiwis acknowledge Lions a world class side, All Blacks will now attempt to step up to same grade
  • 22:00 ..????.. goes on prowl, annoying more locals
  • 22:15 ..????.. finds an ex-girlfriend who he promised to call months ago after telling her he loved her...
  • 23:15 Early departure by ..????.. wife not happy 
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