15th June - Wellington

Not the most wonderful of games to watch.  That Steve Walsh tosser has got to learn to stay of the pitch and stop ruining the game though.  I wins a win and it was great to see Jonny on the park.  Multiple songs of "go jonny jonny, go jonny jonny jonny wilkinson".  The Kiwis were once again quiet (even when their anthem was being sung)

The Kingslander once again proved it's the place to be to watch the game if you do not have a ticket.  Rugby Widows are beginning to feel the boredom of husbands not being around, and the tours not yet really started.
The moral of this night, was in order to chat to the nice girls, you had to do the hard yards with the fat ugly ones first.


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Kiwi Head! Jonny! Brit/Kiwi/Scot
The Boys Boys Gay Anthem!
Pub! Celebration Drinks Pub!
Men in Black Kiwis English Lasses
Kissy Kissy Winners! Pub!
Annoying Locals Again! Pub!
Grope! Annoying Locals Again
Lions 3 - Other 1 F**k Off She Said! Pub!

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the day).

  • 07:44 Bonjour ! Are u there then?
  • 09:09 Is the text diary open yet? Mid-morning Heineken anyone?
  • 18:09 How far from ur hse is ve pub
  • 18:10 10mins
  • 18:17 In cab. ETA pub 10 mins. Require Radler. Pint thereof.
  • 18:24 Can u bring a welsh flag
  • 18:31 A song by me: On ve piss...On ve piss...On ve piss.On ve piss ..On ve piss ..On ve piiiss.On ve piss ..On ve piss..On ve piss.On ve piss...ON VE PISS
  • 18:31 In pub. Procuring lager.
  • 19:10 Dispair as gay boy sings Lions Anthem (the one nobody knows - just like Kiwi Maori Anthem)
  • 19:11 Apparently ve new kiwi anthem is gonna ave 3 verses...Maori, english ..+ chinese
  • 19:18 Walsh...Bet u were a little nark at school...No wonder u were bullied
  • 20:58 Lions play OK but dont impress against a side with only one All Black
  • 21:01 Welsh 2 tries rest of of world nil
  • 21:31 Oh my god! I have just had a scottish girl offer to give me scabies!
  • 21:34 And she admits to having a bigg mouth!
  • 21:40 THREE - ONE
  • 21:56 Wheres ..?????.. and where is ..?????..
  • 22:23 ..?????.. disease now cleared up, hunting for new strains..
  • 22:24 Thought u were coming back after the game
  • 23:02 How come all the Lions surprorters left the pub early... Must be soft cocks or something else really soft
  • 23:12 You Welsh cunts had a good game bro!
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