8th June - Taranaki

Well original meeting place "Galbraiths Alehouse" was aborted very early on in the session, only 30 people there (all reading their papers and looking boring) and a sole 17" screen with the volume turned down, but hey The Kingslander in Kingsland was rocking... check out http://www.thekingslander.co.nz/

Terrible refereeing from the touchline meant The Lions were down at half time, but the "you can stuff you naki up your arse" tune was soon if full flow as The lions took control and slaughtered the naki.
Different uses for Union Jacks were found throughout the night, bullfighting being the most obvious use...  Another good time was had by all (well Lions Fans)...


Click on image for bigger picture - be warned large files, so broadband recomended.

Set Up Camp! Drink! Oh No! A girl!
The Boys Bullfight Dance Part 2
Samba Dance with Locals Dance with Locals

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the evening).

  • 15:24 Is it still galbraiths later
  • 16:00 Team worried about ..?????'..s rash from RotoVegas, drinking from the wrong cup tonite could be lethal... 
  • 16:01 Lethal? Not sure about lethal. Itchy may be
  • 16:12 I'm thirsty
  • 16:14 Parched in fact
  • 16:15 Patience is a virtue
  • 16:17 Not when you have an alcohol dependency as extreme as ??????
  • 16:40 Does Galbraiths have a pulpit?
  • 18:53 U sure bout galbraiths
  • 18:55 Galbraiths crap only got 17" screen heading off to Kingslander
  • 18:56 Watr ve pub name again + wear is it
  • 19:55 Best dummy uve ever sold ...?????... Sendin me 2 ve wake at  galbraiths
  • 19:48 Im brill! Its bn massive here 4 yonks!! Just popped on yr website..cant wait 4 more! Typical blokes!! ..have fun anyway
  • 19:57 Wats charlie hodgson doin in ve side..Let alone on ve tour
  • 19:59 If in doubt give a scrum 2 taranaki ref
  • 21:08 Hope u not too pissed! 2 down to the lions..long way to go
  • 21:56 Luckily ?DORIS? had only slept wiv 1 other man...Unfortunately...It was freddy mercury
  • 22:06 ...????... dances like a bullfighter using union jack as cape... fat girls love it...
  • 22:37 Sorry cant help u! Too far away..piss head!
  • 09:00 Tour Survival kit posted on web site
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