5th July - Auckland

Thought it would be a great opportunity to take the kids along, seeing as they haven't seen their dad for a while.  Atomosphere in town was average, most of the serious tourists chosing to tour NZ rather than come to the provincial game and they missed nothing.  Worst game of the series!


Click on image for bigger picture - be warned large files, so broadband recomended. 

Cheerleaders Lions on Pitch! Lions on Pitch!
Auckland run out! A childs view Boy and Son
Boy and Daughter The Match! The Match!
The Match! Even the wife is enjoying it The Match!
Lions Score Auckland Score The Match!
Lions Score The Match! The Match!

Text Diary

Have taken names out of the text messages to protect the guilty (these are actual text messages sent to a single phone during the day.
  • 14:00 In Cadrona, got less atomosphere that the Lions changing room after an AB's test match
  • 14:01 ...?????... get's his first pint of the day, wonder when he'll finish?
  • 14:30 In Horse and Trap, finally some red shirts
  • 14:57 Ave t got full war paint on yet
  • 14:58 Of Course
  • 15:40 WHere U
  • 15:46 On way hm 2 get me gear on ven comin
  • 16:32 Aauuuccckkllaand
  • 17:00 in members bar in South Stand, got a window seat, staying here if the rain dont stop
  • 18:46 in bar firing up?
  • 19:03 Are u out the bar yet?
  • 19:04 Nope, waiting for ...?????... to finish his first pint that he started at lunchtime
  • 19:07 Going to my seat now, taking 8 Heinikens just in case I get thirsty
  • 19:38 Wish I was in NZ, all I can see on TV in UK is Gorgeous cheerleaders!
  • 19:41 Lions blow a sitter of a try!
  • 19:56 Give it 2 a welsh man
  • 20:37 Wat ve fuck is ogara doin
  • 21:00 Lions secure all the midweeks games, little consolation
  • 21:05 Back to ...?????... for drinks..
  • 21:30 Oih, who invited all these guys in black shirts?
  • 02:10 Last guest leaves, might as well watch the Tour de France before going to bed..
  • 03:51 Armstrong secures stage win and yellow jersey, off to bed now...
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